What I will not be doing in 2018

Well hello everybody! I’m back. My last post was in August last year and I know that is shocking but heres the thing I could make so many excuses about why I didn’t make any more blog posts last year but I’m going to be real with you. I GOT LAZY, I could say that I ran out of blog posts ideas but we all know there are so many tools out there to help us when we get writers block. In 2017 towards the end I became very lazy but I’m back and I’m ready to make a proper go at this.

I am going to list what I’m not going to do in 2018 because there are so many things that I want to do and have been wanting to do for years but the following list has held me back from everything which I am sure many of you can relate to so here goes..

  1. I am not going to fall into counting my calories at any stage this year, for years now I have been slipping back into that and I’ve wasted my life doing so, disagree with me if you please but it didn’t work for me. I am instead going to exercise as much as possible and only do what I enjoy and I’m going to make better food decisions. My goal is to live a healthier lifestyle and me counting calories is not a healthy thing in my opinion but if you do that and it works for you then that’s wonderful but it’s a toxic habit for me.

2.I am under no circumstances going to let my anxiety win this year, all of last year I battled with my anxiety and I let it stop me from experiencing new things and I in return missed out on so many amazing opportunities. This lady once said at a conference that I went to that “We often jump back into hiding behind anxiety because it’s our comfort zone and it’s all we know and it’s our excuse to not push ourselves harder”. So this year I am going to be jumping out of my comfort zone. I am doing well so far, yesterday I went to the river and I loved it, I almost stayed home because I was nervous but I am so glad that I didn’t because I had a wonderful day with family. Also yesterday I drove a car that was different from my own and it sounds silly but I was so nervous about it because I am so used to my tiny car but I felt so proud after I did it and it wasn’t bad at all. Apparently I was very natural at it so there ya go.

3. The third thing that I will not be doing in 2018 is assuming the worst of people, I lost track how many times last year I had my husband say to me that I always assumed the worst of people and it wasn’t a nice feeling at all. Nobody feels great when they assume the worst of people it goes without saying. Why do we slip back into it so easily? I attempted some research on it and I couldn’t find anything but I was also the kid where my mum would tell me to look for something and I couldn’t find it but she’d take a minute and would find it. If you have some research on it please let me know about it down in the comments because I would love to know more about it. Assuming the worst of other people is such a common thing and I bet that everybody has slipped into doing it at least once in their lives but my goal this year is to recognize when I’m doing it and train my brain into not doing it. Everyone has their own paths that they’ve walked and we aren’t called to judge others.

4. The internet is no longer going to consume my every waking moment this year, last year I became very obsessed and all I’d do with every spare moment I had was scroll through websites like Instagram and Facebook and would subconsciously compare my life to others lives, especially celebrities and youtubers. This time was wasted when I should have been using my time more productively like achieving last years goal of reading ten books, getting housework done and planning blog posts. This year I will use the internet for blogging, supporting other bloggers and only when necessary, after I’ve written and published this blog post I am going to go and read the book that I’ve been trying to finish for months. Not being chained to the internet feels so freeing and I totally recommend it.

5. Gone are the days where I take the easy way out, in the paragraph about anxiety I mentioned that I was using my anxiety as an excuse to get out of doing things that I thought would be hard and it was definitely the easy way out. I was lacking in my responsibilities because I was opting to take the easy way out and I am not going to do that this year. I let so many people down last year because of me being lazy and I felt horrible about it. I will be working harder in all of my responsibilities and I am going to be thankful for them and trust that I have been fortunate enough to have been given those opportunities for a reason and that the people who have given them to me trust me enough to do so.

So as you can see it’s going to be a very busy year in terms of me essentially bettering myself in every way and I’m looking forward to it. I would love to know your goals for the year so please let me know in the comments about what you’re going to be getting up to.

Have a lovely day/night 🙂



Five things that made me smile in August 🍁

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, the last two months were rough but August was good to me (besides me getting sick) I have been trying to find something good in every situation and it has been working a treat. I have also decided to pick out things each month that have brightened up my month. Warning: I am a crazy animal lady so a few animals will be mentioned. Also I am aware that I keep making lists as blog posts but I love me some lists. 

1. As always, one person that has made me truly happy is my wonderful husband Josh. He is one of the most selfless people I have ever met and he is fantatstic in situations when I need to calm down. Him and I were sick quite often last month and even when he was sick, he was still putting my needs before his. I’m aware that a husband is supposed to do that but Josh goes above and beyond and I’m so grateful for him. I mean look at his smile, he just lights up the room. 

2. Basil and Mikey. Basil is my mums crazy little Shih Tzu and Mikey is my  handsome little kitty cat. Oh my goodness these two made me so happy last month, they make me happy all the time but they’re definitely worth mentioning. Basil is a little pocket rocket and my mum sure has her hands full with him as it’s like having a toddler but he’s so lovable. I am more of a cat person than a dog person but Basil definitely brings a smile to my face. My favourite animal of all time is my beautiful kitty cat Mikey, he is such a little darling, Josh and I are convinced that he’s a dog stuck in a cats body, he’s so affectionate and he is so well suited to Josh and I. I’m so grateful for him, he has such a sweet nature to him. Below is a picture of Basil and he is showing us his pearly whites and then below that is a picture of Mikey in his favourite spot in our house (also spy him playing with the cord). 

3. I have been enjoying reading recently and I began reading a fantastic book last month called ‘Immeasurably more’ by the author Cris Rogers. I am a Christian and I enjoy reading Christian non-fiction books so when I go to the library I spend all my time in that section. (Also can we all talk about how great library’s are!). This book has been such an interesting read, the Tagline on the book caught me and that’s why I picked it up. It reads “to a dehydrated church, Jesus has immeasurably more to offer”. That tagline hit me so hard and the book has continued to do, so I truly recommend this book to everyone, it’s a very pretty read too with loads of colourful pages so that’s a bonus. You can purchase this book at all bookstores so go grab it. I’m definitely going to purchase it because it’s a book worth keeping. As you can see below, the cover is captivating. 

4. The kids at my work were definitely a highlight of last month, I am very lucky and I get to work with an amazing group of children who bring a smile to my face everyday no matter what. Don’t get me wrong, there are days when I’m pulling my hair out, but no matter what happens, there is always a handful of children that make it all worth it. I am looking forward to having children of my own as God has put the passion of children on my heart and I know it will be different with my own but I am loving learning about how children’s brains work and I’m learning different ways to go about things. The children at my job teach me to have fun every now again and not to take everything too seriously all the time. It’s important to have a job you love and I love my job. 

5. My family make every day incredible, I’m very fortunate that the family that I was born into is so awesome and we hardly ever have problems, I’m very close with my mum and I always have been and I love seeing her everyday and having a little chit chat (mums are awesome! Am I right!?). My mum is my hero, she is so selfless and I truly admire her for her resilience in all situations. Not only the family that I was born into are amazing, the family that I married into is. I am so grateful that I have so many positive influences in my life and I don’t know where I would be without them. The family that I married into have been so welcoming to me right from the start and that’s their culture and they have certainly helped me to come out of my shell which has been great. Both my families get along so well which makes everything awesome as well.

Well that’s a list of five things that made me happy last month, I’m back into blogging and I’m excited. Thank you for reading , I hope you enjoyed it and I’d love to hear below in the comments about five things that made you happy last month 🌸

Finding your people

Hello everybody, I have been learning a few life lessons recently so you might see a bit of a pattern going on in these posts. It has been a challenging season in my life at the moment but I am learning valuable lessons from this season so it has been worth it. One valuable lesson I have learned is finding the people who will stick by me and for myself personally who are the people that will help me to grow closer to God as that’s important to me.

As I mentioned above, I have been learning many life lessons recently and I hadn’t really opened up about it to anyone until sometime last week when I had a weekly catch up with one of my good friends. The conversations we had were pretty much the same as every week and I was just happy listening and giving advice when needed until I absolutely broke down in tears revealing to my friend what I had been going through. My friend was so wonderful, she listened to me and gave me advice and didn’t judge me no matter what. She also said “I can help you for five seconds, you need to give it to God”, so I did and it really helped. The incredible thing about this conversation was that my wonderful friend knew exactly what I needed which was her to listen and not judge me, it felt so freeing being able to open up to her. I open up to my Husband but this was a female problem and she understood exactly what i was going through.

I can not stress enough of how important it is to have the right people in your circle, I have had many friends come and go throughout my life and they have brought great life lessons with them. Many I have had to let go but it has been for the better as I now know my worth and how I deserve to be treated and you should too. Friendship is give and take not just take take and take so think about that, who in your life is just taking or maybe you’re the friend that’s just taking, do something about it. Are there any people in your life that are toxic and are perhaps worth talking to about it, try talking to the person before you go and cut them out, they may be willing to change and if you are the friend then be willing to change. I’m no expert on this topic at all, in my experience I have talked to the people in my past and we just kept clashing so it didn’t work but everybody is different and it may just work for you and the friends that you’re struggling with. Just remember that we are all human and we will make mistakes, we’re all on this crazy journey of life together and we’re all trying to do our best.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you got something from it, if you feel like sharing, comment below some friendship experiences you have had, I’d love to know. I hope you have a fantastic rest of your work and enjoy your weekend! xx

May wrap up and June goals 

Well, let me just start by saying that May was such a roller coaster month, I’m quite glad that it’s June now to be honest. I was sad more than I was happy and I got quite sick towards the end of it. My happy things for May were that I finally joined in on a blogger chat, I finally got back to writing on my blog and I got Ed Sheeran tickets. Thankfully, my Husband and my family and friends have been the most incredible support this last month and I’m so grateful for that.

Now I always say that I’m going to set goals and I never do so I’m going to set some goals for June that I will do my absolute best to achieve.

1. Get over the flu (please God help me get over the flu, it’s just annoying now).

2. Read the bible every night with my Husband (we’ve been slack).
3. Eat way less junk food and get back into Refit.

4. Read two books (low goal because I’ve been slacking on this). 

5. Try at least three new types of food. 

6. Get at least one blog post out a week.

7. Work on my patience in all areas in life (it’s terrible at the moment) 

8. Cook a new recipe that I’ve never cooked before. 

9. Keep on top of the housework so it doesn’t pile up too much. (We’re all human). 

10. Stick to my 1second a day video and don’t slack in it. 

Wow, now that I have declared all of my goals to everyone on my blog, I feel that I better get to achieving these, think of it as you lovely people holding me accountable. 

Thank you for reading, I hope you’re having a lovely life and leave below in the comments what some of your goals are, I’d love to hear them xx 

Finding motivation 

Hello everybody!! How’s your lives going? I hope they’re going well and you’re remaining positive in light of recent events and looking fear in the eye and pushing past it. Rest in peace to the 22 angels that were taken far too soon and I wish everyone else who is recovering a quick recovery. 

I realise that I have been rubbish at posting recently, I haven’t written a blog post in ages and that is because I simply haven’t had the motivation. I have had a change of routine in my life and with transitions comes different challenges but I’m getting there. One thing I can say that really helps me get through each day (besides my wonderful husband, friends and family) is my faith. When I am struggling with transitions I remember that God has a plan for me and this is all part of it. 

I’m so thankful for the little bits of happiness in each day, for example I have been waking up earlier in the mornings for work and it has been a bit to get used to as I’m used to sleeping in a bit longer but God has made it worth it. For the past week that I’ve been waking up early the sky has been incredibly beautiful early in the morning. This has especially given me comfort because the sky was like this two days after the Manchester bombing where I was feeling upset and uncomfortable about the amount of hate in the world. I felt God telling me that there’s still beauty in this world. Below are two pictures of the sky for those two mornings in particular, taken on an iPhone 5 so winning. 

Another bit of happiness I have come across recently is the blogger community, I have been participating in blogger chats and I have been absolutely loving it so thanks fellow bloggers. I encourage every blogger to participate in blogger chats because they are so encouraging and you walk away feeling so empowered. The chats are all about positivity and everyone is likeminded and my favourite part of it is that everyone is from different walks of lives and are so united through these chats.

It has been lovely brushing off the dust on my blog and making a new post that actually means something to me and I look forward to making more blog posts more often from now on. Thank you for reading lovelies and let me know what the little snippets of happiness in your week have been. 

Searching for my style

Well hello again fellow readers, sorry it has been a while, I have been struggling to decide on what direction I want my blog to go in. I think I’ll just make it a ‘bit of everything blog’. I love writing about all sorts of different things so I’ll leave it at that. Anyway back to the actual topic of this blog post which is finding my style. 

So, the other day I was shopping with my friend and we were looking at a popular shop where I live called Cotton on. Now, both my friend and I don’t always like shopping there because we normally don’t like keeping up with the trends and their sizes aren’t fantastic for curvier figures but this time was different. We had originally gone in because my friend wanted to get some sunglasses, she got her sunglasses but we both walked out with a baseball cap each. As we were browsing around the shop we had realised that we actually really liked what was in trend and we were left asking the question to ourselves, to follow or not to?. The funny thing with trends is that they can’t last forever and a new thing is going to come along and the people who are following trends can’t seem to keep up. We eventually decided that we’d enjoy the things that are on trend at the moment but not make it a habit to follow trends. 

I have quite a confusing style, one moment I’m wearing ripped jeans, nikes, and a hoodie with a baseball cap and then the next I’m wearing a fifties style polka dot dress with red ladybug shoes. I work with children so most of the time I’m in a work shirt with baggy shorts on because I want to be as comfortable as possible. I love to express myself through what I wear but I’m rather useless with putting outfits together. I have been watching videos on YouTube recently about fashion and I’m currently in the process of learning dressing for my shape, because that’s the thing, a lot of the things that come on trend I find that they don’t suit my curves so most of the time I don’t bother. I have found myself more often than not recently in gym pants and a t-shirt because it’s comfortable but I definitely don’t want to get to that stage. I’m wearing them as I write this but it’s okay for at home. Anyway these have been my thoughts on finding my style. Leave below some comments and tips on how your journey to finding your style went. 

Still deciding on whether baseball caps are a yay or a nay in terms of fashion. Hat: http://cottonon.com/NZ/p/cotton-on-women/essential-cap/9351533104651.html?region=NZ#region=NZ&q=Honey&start=1

My beloved ladybug shoes 👠 https://www.hotchocolatedesign.com/collections/flats-for-women/products/hot-chocolate-design-chocolaticas-mariquita-womens-mary-jane-flat?variant=26709678593

The current state of my wardrobe, I’m due for a clean out. 

Thanks so much for reading loves, this was probably all just a big ramble of words but I’ve never been fantastic with writing but I love it. 

Have a fantastic rest of your week, rock your wardrobe and do it with confidence ✨

The weekend that changed my life again ✨

​So I went to a church camp over Easter Weekend. It was called Encounter camp and it’s for youth, I was lucky enough to go because I help lead a youth group. I have been to this camp for years and this year I kind of shrugged it off and was like “it’s only relevant to youth” and “what’s the point”. I am ashamed to say that I really didn’t want to go in the first place and I know for a fact that was the devil trying to stop me. I was so wrong saying it wasn’t relevant because God really spoke to me that weekend and answered everything I had been praying about. It was super amazing seeing the youth grow and enjoy themselves which is what it was about. 

Many years ago at the first encounter camp I ever attended, I had my very first encounter with God and it was glorious. We had this lady called Nadia Clark Preaching and she stopped Preaching half way through because she felt the Holy Spirit moving. Oh my goodness was she right! I felt so at peace and my confidence issues were going away, I felt at home and super loved. I will never forget it. 

Fast forward to the second to last night of the camp this past weekend where I surrendered everything to God. I’m no longer the girl with anxiety, I no longer get jealous and I am beginning to understand my worth in God. I no longer count on camps to have an encounter with God but there was something about being surrounded by likeminded people that made my heart happy. It also helped that the lights were down and the music really created the atmosphere so I felt free to express myself. People think that I just sing hymns all day and don’t get me wrong that’s awesome, but at this camp we certainly were partying with Jesus, there was even strobe lights. 

There is this indescribable feeling when you have an encounter with God, you walk out differently and you have rose coloured glasses on. God is constantly working on my heart and I am so happy to be growing in my relationship with Him. God changed my life all over again and I’m chuffed. 

If you have any questions about my faith or anything in general you can find my details in contact and find me on twitter at https://mobile.twitter.com/Livvylicious56 

Have a lovely week ✨