Waiting for the green light.

Recently I have been praying more than anything for something to happen and all I have been getting is a “just wait, nows not the time”. Now I can tell you that this has been so hard and I have been so down about it. 

So what do we do when we’re waiting for the green light but we’re stuck on the yellow light? Do we cry ourselves to sleep every night? Do we run around screaming? Do we lose faith all together? No we don’t. It is so much easier to just lose faith all together than it is to continue to trust God, we are impatient people, especially the microwave generation. Let us not stay that way though, let us continue to keep the faith and keep being patient. God has big plans for us and He obviously wants us to get to a certain place in our lives before we can have that thing that we’ve been praying for. 

God doesn’t say “just wait” so he can hurt us, He isn’t like that at all. He’s saying that because he knows what’s best for us and He knows when everything’s going to happen. I know that what I have been praying for is going to happen one day and I know that it’s going to be in Gods timing, it’s just going to be a journey up till then to keep being patient. 

I hope that I have encouraged you all to not lose hope, God is working from the roots up and the wait is going to be so worth it. Keep praying about it too, don’t give up but don’t cry yourself to sleep over it either. I hope you are enjoying my blog posts so far. 

Leave your feedback down below, thank you. 


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