My favourite eye shadow palettes 

The urban decay naked palettes are my absolute favorite. Naked 3 in particular is one that I tend to go to a lot because of its beautiful shades of pink. I’m loving pink shades on the eyes at the moment and this palette creates some very beautiful looks. The eye shadows are so pigmented and they glide on so beautifully. As you can probably see, the shades I use the most are dust and trick. This palette is on the pricey side but I believe it is worth every penny.

I tend to use the three naked palettes for different looks. I find that naked 2 is just as pigmented as naked 3 and if I wanted to for a golden look then I would turn to this palette. The two shades I use the most in this palette are half baked and chopper, I am going to be experimenting with darker shades as the cooler seasons start to hit in my country. Like the Naked 3, Naked 2 is a bit on the pricier side but so worth it.

As you can see, this palette is dearly loved and even though I use it the least out of the three naked palettes, it is still used quite a bit and again this palette gives me some really lovely golden looks. The shades that I use the most are Virgin and smog, they are so beautiful and very pigmented and as I learn more looks, I’ll try the rest of the shades. Again, this is on the pricier side but Urban decay eye shadows are phenomenal so every penny is worth it. I was very fortunate to have been gifted these eye shadows but I’d definitely buy them myself.

W7 in the buff palette is also on my list of favourites. I have been using this palette for the gold shades and the white shade and I have found that the shades are extremely pigmented. W7 is also on the cheaper side so that’s a bonus too and I would even say that it’s a dupe for some of the naked palettes.

L.a girl Nudes is my newest palette and I absolutely love it, it’s not a surprise really, I’m loving my nude shades at the moment.This was the first L.a girl product I had used and I was so impressed. I feel like this is a dupe of Naked 3 and it is so much cheaper and it does to show that Naked 3 being more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean anything. The shades are just as pigmented and I have created some beautiful nude and pink looks with this palette.

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you’re all enjoying it so far, I certainly am. Leave feedback below and also tell me what your current favourites are at the moment.


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