My top 5 lip products. 

If there is anything I love the most to experiment with is a lippy color, I tend to go for a brighter colour as a lighter one tends to make my face look washed out. I’m going to list below my favourite lippys that I tend to turn to them most. You may see a very common trend of red and that’s because I’m yet to rock a nude or a darker color. I wear these colours all year round and they are in no particular order.  Comment below what your favourite lip products are.

First of all, this NYX lipstick, it has such a lovely formula, it’s extremely pigmented so if you don’t want a bold color it’s best to pat this on your lips with your finger just to introduce yourself to it. This color is called Pure Red and it definitely lives up to its name. It has a very creamy consistency and I just love it!. I bought this lipstick when I had a shade of red in mind for my wedding, I didn’t wear this on the day but I have worn it many times since. I highly recommend this little beauty. I’m very happy because NYX has recently been brought into our local Farmers so I buy my NYX products from here now. NYX is very affordable and it’s a quality brand. The link is below for where you can purchase this colour.

Moving on to yet another NYX lipstick, this was another one that I bought to wear for my wedding but I didn’t and have worn it many times since. This is in the color Amsterdam and it is a very beautiful strawberry shade of red which I love to rock with a golden eyeshadow. I love the smooth consistency of it and it’s a lovely red that isn’t too in your face and is nice for a pop of colour. It drys matte but isn’t dry and flaky which is perfect. I highly recommend this lip cream. The link for where you can buy this colour is below.

Ahh finally a pink! I don’t very often rock a pink but this pink has been one that has complimented my skin tone and I’ve had many compliments while wearing it. The shade of the lipstick is called ‘Make it in the city’ the pink is very bright and it’s perfect for a bold lip. I am very new to the brand Makeup revolution and so far I am very impressed. Another bonus is the smell of the lipstick reminds me of the smell of my mums makeup from when I was little and I would watch her do her makeup.  It smells like a luxury lipstick but it’s very affordable. The link is below for where you can buy it. I can’t find the official makeup revolution website but I purchased it off the site below.

Another makeup revolution one,  this is a fire truck red and like the pink one, I am very impressed with the consistency of it. The name of this is duel. If you are looking for a bright red then I suggest that you go for this gorgeous lipstick. It reminds me of a classic red and I think it’s perfect for a classic Hollywood look. I bought this lipstick the same time I bought the pink one and it was a great first impression of makeup revolution. It’s very affordable and like the pink one I can’t find the official makeup revolution website but I’ll link down below where I purchased mine.

Now for the lipstick that is very close to my heart as I wore this one on my wedding day. I have had many Revlon lipsticks in the past and I have absolutely loved them but this one has been my favourite by fair. It is a beautiful strawberry red and it glides on so beautifully, it drys matte and isn’t flaky. This lipstick is also very long wearing and I think that it would look beautiful on any skin tone. I think Revlon have a real winner with this formula. I love the packaging, it’s quite glamorous and I’m definitely going to have to buy more shades in this collection. I’m a very sentimental person so when this one runs out I’ll buy it again. I have worn this several times since the wedding and if I had to pick an ultimate favourite out of all of these lipsticks, I would choose this one. It’s a reasonable price and I’ll leave a link down below so you can purchase this little beauty for yourself. The shade is Romance||1


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