Comparing yourself to others

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Comparison is something that is so common these days, in particular in females and it’s something that we’ve got to do our best to get a handle on. From a young age we are all bombarded with Television shows, movies and magazines that get us comparing ourselves to others from a young age.

There’s the movies that are meant to be spreading a positive image where the ‘perfect’ popular girl gets the guy in the movies and the not so popular girl has to have a makeover in order to get the popular guy and I think this is promoting the wrong message. This may sound super cliche but we are all made differently for a reason, if we were all clones then the world would be such a boring place. Warning: I may ramble on a bit in this post but that is because I’m so passionate about this topic. Not everything is doom and gloom though, there are some movie companies out there that are making more movies with positive messages, there may be hope for future generations yet.

Social media is now the biggest device that people compare themselves on, I find myself doing it and then I take a step back and remember that we all have different lives and for myself personally I have belief in God and I believe He has a plan for me so that helps me out a lot. Instagram has blown up in recent years and now it’s a thing to be an Instagram model so then comes along comparison and people trying change themselves to be like that but that’s really not the answer. One group I find myself comparing to is people that I went to high school with, I’m constantly comparing how different our lives have turned out, it’s human nature but in actual fact we can change it. The people you compare yourself to are most likely comparing themselves to others and it turns into this massive cycle of comparison. So one thing I have been trying my best to do is being happy for all my peers and Instagram models etc. for their success but appreciating my life and not comparing it to theirs. I also unfollowed the Kardashians because (this is going to be an unpopular opinion) but I found myself comparing my life to something that was fake and it was so wrong, I feel so much better for it too.

Lastly, blogging is one that has come up very recently for me, I have had my blog for at the most a week and already I have fallen down the rabbit hole of comparison. I have found myself  looking at popular blogs, seeing how many followers they have and how much success they have and wondering why I don’t have that. The ones I have been looking at have been blogging for years and have worked hard to get there so kudos to them. I’m sure that I’ll get there one day because I’m going to put in the hard work to get there but if there is even one person reading my blog and getting something from it then I’m happy because that’s what I started for. I ask everyone to join me in celebrating other peoples accomplishments but lets not compare our journey to everyone elses.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you’re having a lovely day/night and I hope that you can get something from this blog post. Once I started typing I couldn’t stop. Let me know in the comments about your thoughts on this topic, I’d love to hear.


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