Dealing with anxiety 

Anxiety is something that is sadly becoming more and more common, everyone has it in different ways. I’m fortunate to have a very low form of it but it can show up pretty bad in certain situations like big crowds or trying the please everyone. Below I have listed down some practical things I do to calm myself down. Let me know in the comments what you do to help with your anxiety.

I love to light a candle when I want to feel calm, this Aviva candle here is my favourite and my Husband bought it for me for Christmas, so ten points to him. I’ll list a link below on where you can purchase it to calm yourself down. The scent of this candle is rather sweet and it helps that it looks appealing as well. We have a shop here in New Zealand called The Warehouse but you can purchase it on eBay.

I love to read a good book when I’m feeling anxious, I’m a Christian so this book by Joyce Meyer is one I turn to quite a bit. The words of affirmation in it help me stay grounded and calm me down when I’m struggling with anxiety. You can purchase this book in the link below if you’d like.

One thing that I love to do is colouring to help calm me down. It is quite common for people to turn to colouring when they have anxiety, there is something about colouring. I love Johanna Basfords colouring books, they’re so creative and I’m still making my way through the Christmas one, I know it’ Match but I love the Christmas one. I will list down below where you can purchase this colouring book.

The last thing that I have absolutely been loving doing recently to calm down is experiment with makeup. I have a newfound love with makeup and I always feel happier when I playing around with the different colours and all sorts.

If you suffer from anxiety, let me know in the comments what you do to help yourself calm down, Thank you for reading!


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