Turning to gentleness instead of anger. 


Hello everyone! I hope you’re all well and your life is going swell. (Rhyme 😁) I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I simply haven’t had the inspiration and I didn’t want to put out a post just for the sake of it. 

This post is about my recent life experiences where I have turned to anger instead of gentleness. We are all human (unless a cats reading it then that’s awesome) and we make mistakes. Recently I have had a few situations where someone has been angry with me about something and it ended up being a misconception and I got angry at them. Of course when I got angry at them the situation spiraled out of control. I have been quite grumpy the past few weeks and it wasn’t till today that I read my bible and realized that I was going about it the wrong way. Take what you will from this blog post but this verse came up in my bible plan today. Proverbs 15:1 A gentle answer turns away wrath,  but a harsh word stirs up anger. When I read this verse I was blown away at how relevant it was and it made me realize how wrong I was at going about it. I felt that if I had of responded calmly than the situation would of been resolved. I had a situation at work today which was minor and I went about the situation calmly and I ended up getting a great response.

Think about it, when you first meet someone and they are angry people, what is your first reaction of them? I bet it’s not great and I can imagine that you are less likely to stick around them than if they had a calm and collected personality.

I understand that some people will disagree with this post but it was on my heart to share it, we’re all human but there’s nothing wrong with constantly working to better ourselves. Let me know down below in the comments what your thoughts are on this topic, I welcome all opinions. If you ever need to ask me anything you can find me on twitter by the handle @Livvylicious56. Don’t ask about the name of it, I was young and silly. Have a great read and also check out my other blog posts. Thanks a bunch!


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