What lives on my phone. 

I got this idea from http://www.stylesandsensibilities.com and I am so glad that I have seen this idea for a blog post. You guys probably don’t know this but these are my favorite kind of videos to watch on YouTube, I’m always looking these up for inspiration. Confession: all up I have forty four apps on my phone, insane I know but I love apps. I hope that this becomes a big blogging topic. My phone is a 32GB Silver model and it is my life, I used to have many Samsung model phones but I wasn’t too fond of them so I changed to apple and never went back. Let me know below your favorite apps and whether you like knowing these little tidbits about my life. WARNING: this is going to be a long post.

First let’s begin with my lock screen, this is one of my favorite photos from my wedding day. I have to admit, I am constantly changing my lock screen because I love changing things up. I used to have many wallpaper apps on my phone but nowadays I just use my own photos and make my own wallpapers.

This is the page that is very much the same on every ones iPhones, it’s considered the boring page and I can agree with some of them like health and home for me (it’s different for everyone). The most useful apps to me on this page are camera, notes, calendar and voice memo.

This is where the fun begins and you will see how much I really do like apps. As you can see I like to organise my apps into folders (the ones that aren’t in them are new apps). I have an iPad now so I have deleted many apps and have ended up reinstalling them because I liked them on a smaller screen. Below I will list the apps on the page and will tell you a little something about them. 

1. Instagram – This app is in my unicorn folder and it is honestly one of my most used apps. If you don’t know what Instagram is then you’ve been living under a rock and should check it out. My Instagram is @olivia_harkness.

2. Podcasts – everyone has this app and I love to use it to listen to pastors online at churches that I may never visit. My favorite is listening to Hillsong church.

3. Facebook – this app is like Instagram with the fact that if you don’t know what it is then you’ve been living under a rock. I use Facebook to see how my family in another city is getting on.

4. 2degrees – This app is my mobile app, I use it to check my data and to top up my phone, nothing special really.

5. Dictionary lite – This app is on my phone for obvious reasons. It is so handy having a dictionary on my phone. You never know when you’re coming to need it.

6. Facebook Messenger – I’m still not 100% sure about this app but it is helpful for messaging friends and family on the go.

7. Shazam – You will see many people with this app. This app is perfect for if you hear a song on the radio and don’t know the title. You just press down the Shazam button and kazow! You now know the name of the song.

8. Knot – This is a wedding app and I’ve been meaning to delete it as my wedding was four months ago. This wedding app helped me remain save with the best wedding checklist I came across so I was very well organised.

9. VSCO – This app is my holy grail for photo editing, many people who have Instagram use this and you’re lying if you don’t like a good filter. Let’s be real, a good filter can make a photo.

10. Boomerang – This app seems to be the go to for a lot of people at the moment, if you haven’t heard of it then you must of been living under a rock. This app is like a video but it’s shorter and it replays the same thing over and over.

11. InstaSize – I’m going to be real with you here in telling you that I have never used this app. I was watching a video about apps and thought it looked good so I downloaded it.

12. Pinterest –  This app has been one of my favorites for years, it was a big help when it came to planning my wedding and it still helps me with everyday things like game ideas for children as I work with them and fashion ideas for the upcoming seasons. My Pinterest is Blogging with Olivia (just like my blog).

13. YouTube – once again if you don’t know what YouTube is then you have been living under a rock. I love watching you-tubers on this app and I also like watching what’s on my phone videos on it.

14. Genius – I downloaded this app because it’s a quick access to lyrics. I use it whenever I need to know the lyrics to a song.

15. Snapchat – I use snapchat for taking double chin selfies and trying out the numerous filters.

16. Block! Hexa – This is such a fun puzzle game, I downloaded it because my friends were playing it and I tried it on their phones and got hooked.

17. Rolling sky – I love my games and this is a nice mini game that I tend to go to when I want to play a nice quick game that can be challenging.

18. Wheel of fortune – If you have seen the television show then you will understand why I have this game on my phone. You’d remember playing along as you watched the show and now there’s an app where you can play it.

19. We heart it – I have this app for saving interests that I like and to be completely honest with you I have used this app about two times.

20. Etsy – I love etsy, it’s a wonderful website where people sell handmade things on and I have the app because it’s easily accessible.

21. AliExpress – just like etsy I use this app because it’s easily accessible and reliable. This is another shopping app.

22. Goodreads – I used to use this app to keep track of how many books I had read, I had a goal for ten in a year. I have gone a little off track for this but I intend on getting back into it.

23. Focal point – This app is for my local cinema, just like the etsy app, I have this for convenience.

24. Spotify – I have Spotify on my phone to listen to music. I use this more than my music app.

25. Duolingo – I am using this app at the moment because it is a fantastic language learning app. I’m currently learning Spanish.

26. Sprinkle of Jesus – I love this app because it gives me notifications with inspiring messages.

27. Voting game – I don’t really remember why I uploaded this app to be completely honest.

28. Afterlight – This was the app that I used before I had VSCO, it’s just another photo editing app for me now.

29. Articulate – I downloaded this app because it helps me get prepared for next time I play the board game with family. Last time I played it I wasn’t too great.

30. Tricky – This game is one of those games that is similar to the idiot test. I recommend it.

31. Knowledge – I downloaded this app because I wanted to do some brain training but to be completely honest I haven’t used it once.

32. Over – This is a brilliant text app and I highly recommend it for all who like put words over photos.

33. ReadScripture – I downloaded this app as another bible tool and I haven’t used it once. You can start to see a pattern here, I download too many apps and don’t use them all.

34. Disney Emoji blitz – I am a full on Disney freak so this game is right up my alley, the fact that you get emojis from it is even more exciting.

35. Pokémon Go – I didn’t delete this app because I had hoped for generation two and I haven’t played it in ages so I will probably delete it.

36. Holy Bible – I use this app for my daily bible reading, I like the many devotionals they have on it and the hundreds of different translations.

37. WordPress – This app is what I’m currently writing this post on, enough said.

38. 1sec Daily cam – I have this app because I didn’t want to pay for the version that everyone else is using and it works exactly the same. I love capturing one good second daily.

39. Lords mobile – I downloaded this because I saw it on an ad and I played it a few times, I will delete it off my phone and download it on my iPad because it’s a great game but it would work better on a bigger screen.

40. Zara – This is an app for the clothing store Zara, once again this is for convenience.

41. Mystic Messenger – I have this app because my friend was playing it and it looked fun, I’m yet to play it.

42. Heads up – This is a great app created by Ellen, it’s charades in electronic form, great for big groups.

43. Hair color booth – I downloaded this app because I wants to see what I’d look like with purple hair.

44. Twitter – Twitter is a bit like Instagram, I use it daily and it is one of my favorite social media platforms.


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