Quotes that inspire me

Hello everybody! I’m back with a brand new post! How’s everyone’s week going?. I am obsessed with inspiring quotes, I have turned to quotes many times in my life to express how I’m feeling about a certain situation and to inspire me to be a better person. There will be quite a few bible verses mentioned below and that’s simply because Gods word is my truth and I turn to God and His word more than anything.  You can take from this post what you will and leave your quotes below that inspire you, I’d love to hear them! . 

Whenever I struggle to love someone and I’m not seeing eye to eye with them, this bible verse reminds me that God loves us so we are called to love others. I’m sick of seeing those hateful signs from Christians and I know for a fact that we weren’t called to hate. It starts with us, we have to make the choice to love others. 

As a mega Disney fan, this quote speaks volumes to me. The creator of all the Disney movies I love was a dreamer, he got turned down many times but he never gave up. If Walt Disney had given up, I believe that young girls and boys wouldn’t know how to dream and of course  our beloved Disney movies wouldn’t be around. You’d be lying if you said that you haven’t caught yourself singing along to some sort of Disney movie. I saw a grown man the other day singing along to Moana, they have catchy songs.   Every single Disney movie has an inspirational quote but I’d be here all day if I said all of them. If you ever want me to do a blog post on my favourite Disney quotes, comment below. 

I have recently come across this quote while listening to a sermon on being Satisfied by Pastor Darcie Frost and this quote really spoke to my heart. I catch myself being materialistic quite often and I have especially been doing it since becoming a blogger. Thinking I need to buy the latest thing to do a blog post when you all just want to hear what’s on my heart. At the end of the day, possessions are only temporary. 

This bible verse  is one of my favourites because it represents my identity in Christ and reminds me of who I am and what I can be and achieve. When trials come my way I know I can face them because I have the strength to with God. I can be a massive worry wart most of the time. For example, I just rang my Husband because I heard sirens in our area and I was checking to see if he was okay, he was fine. So even thought I love this bible verse , it’s going to be a journey of me writing this on my heart. 

This quote has really been on my heart since watching the Netflix series ’13 reasons why’. If you haven’t watched the show then I truly recommend it, it has the most incredible message to it, keep the tissues nearby though. The reason this quote comes to mind is because rumours are spread in the movie and people haven’t witnessed the rumours to be true. Gossip can be such a damaging thing and can ruin lives so just be careful with what you’re saying. 

Thank you so much for reading as I shared my favourite quotes. I hope that you learnt something new by reading this. I hope that what ever is happening in your life, that you’re having a lovely week. 😊 I consider you all my friends, so if you ever want to talk to me about something you can catch me on my twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/Livvylicious56


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