The weekend that changed my life again ✨

​So I went to a church camp over Easter Weekend. It was called Encounter camp and it’s for youth, I was lucky enough to go because I help lead a youth group. I have been to this camp for years and this year I kind of shrugged it off and was like “it’s only relevant to youth” and “what’s the point”. I am ashamed to say that I really didn’t want to go in the first place and I know for a fact that was the devil trying to stop me. I was so wrong saying it wasn’t relevant because God really spoke to me that weekend and answered everything I had been praying about. It was super amazing seeing the youth grow and enjoy themselves which is what it was about. 

Many years ago at the first encounter camp I ever attended, I had my very first encounter with God and it was glorious. We had this lady called Nadia Clark Preaching and she stopped Preaching half way through because she felt the Holy Spirit moving. Oh my goodness was she right! I felt so at peace and my confidence issues were going away, I felt at home and super loved. I will never forget it. 

Fast forward to the second to last night of the camp this past weekend where I surrendered everything to God. I’m no longer the girl with anxiety, I no longer get jealous and I am beginning to understand my worth in God. I no longer count on camps to have an encounter with God but there was something about being surrounded by likeminded people that made my heart happy. It also helped that the lights were down and the music really created the atmosphere so I felt free to express myself. People think that I just sing hymns all day and don’t get me wrong that’s awesome, but at this camp we certainly were partying with Jesus, there was even strobe lights. 

There is this indescribable feeling when you have an encounter with God, you walk out differently and you have rose coloured glasses on. God is constantly working on my heart and I am so happy to be growing in my relationship with Him. God changed my life all over again and I’m chuffed. 

If you have any questions about my faith or anything in general you can find my details in contact and find me on twitter at 

Have a lovely week ✨


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