Searching for my style

Well hello again fellow readers, sorry it has been a while, I have been struggling to decide on what direction I want my blog to go in. I think I’ll just make it a ‘bit of everything blog’. I love writing about all sorts of different things so I’ll leave it at that. Anyway back to the actual topic of this blog post which is finding my style. 

So, the other day I was shopping with my friend and we were looking at a popular shop where I live called Cotton on. Now, both my friend and I don’t always like shopping there because we normally don’t like keeping up with the trends and their sizes aren’t fantastic for curvier figures but this time was different. We had originally gone in because my friend wanted to get some sunglasses, she got her sunglasses but we both walked out with a baseball cap each. As we were browsing around the shop we had realised that we actually really liked what was in trend and we were left asking the question to ourselves, to follow or not to?. The funny thing with trends is that they can’t last forever and a new thing is going to come along and the people who are following trends can’t seem to keep up. We eventually decided that we’d enjoy the things that are on trend at the moment but not make it a habit to follow trends. 

I have quite a confusing style, one moment I’m wearing ripped jeans, nikes, and a hoodie with a baseball cap and then the next I’m wearing a fifties style polka dot dress with red ladybug shoes. I work with children so most of the time I’m in a work shirt with baggy shorts on because I want to be as comfortable as possible. I love to express myself through what I wear but I’m rather useless with putting outfits together. I have been watching videos on YouTube recently about fashion and I’m currently in the process of learning dressing for my shape, because that’s the thing, a lot of the things that come on trend I find that they don’t suit my curves so most of the time I don’t bother. I have found myself more often than not recently in gym pants and a t-shirt because it’s comfortable but I definitely don’t want to get to that stage. I’m wearing them as I write this but it’s okay for at home. Anyway these have been my thoughts on finding my style. Leave below some comments and tips on how your journey to finding your style went. 

Still deciding on whether baseball caps are a yay or a nay in terms of fashion. Hat:

My beloved ladybug shoes 👠

The current state of my wardrobe, I’m due for a clean out. 

Thanks so much for reading loves, this was probably all just a big ramble of words but I’ve never been fantastic with writing but I love it. 

Have a fantastic rest of your week, rock your wardrobe and do it with confidence ✨


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