Finding motivation 

Hello everybody!! How’s your lives going? I hope they’re going well and you’re remaining positive in light of recent events and looking fear in the eye and pushing past it. Rest in peace to the 22 angels that were taken far too soon and I wish everyone else who is recovering a quick recovery. 

I realise that I have been rubbish at posting recently, I haven’t written a blog post in ages and that is because I simply haven’t had the motivation. I have had a change of routine in my life and with transitions comes different challenges but I’m getting there. One thing I can say that really helps me get through each day (besides my wonderful husband, friends and family) is my faith. When I am struggling with transitions I remember that God has a plan for me and this is all part of it. 

I’m so thankful for the little bits of happiness in each day, for example I have been waking up earlier in the mornings for work and it has been a bit to get used to as I’m used to sleeping in a bit longer but God has made it worth it. For the past week that I’ve been waking up early the sky has been incredibly beautiful early in the morning. This has especially given me comfort because the sky was like this two days after the Manchester bombing where I was feeling upset and uncomfortable about the amount of hate in the world. I felt God telling me that there’s still beauty in this world. Below are two pictures of the sky for those two mornings in particular, taken on an iPhone 5 so winning. 

Another bit of happiness I have come across recently is the blogger community, I have been participating in blogger chats and I have been absolutely loving it so thanks fellow bloggers. I encourage every blogger to participate in blogger chats because they are so encouraging and you walk away feeling so empowered. The chats are all about positivity and everyone is likeminded and my favourite part of it is that everyone is from different walks of lives and are so united through these chats.

It has been lovely brushing off the dust on my blog and making a new post that actually means something to me and I look forward to making more blog posts more often from now on. Thank you for reading lovelies and let me know what the little snippets of happiness in your week have been. 


17 thoughts on “Finding motivation 

  1. Finding motivation especially after the school year is done is so hard lol. Cause now I’m like yay I don’t have to do anything, but then I remeber wait I have a blog I have been neglecting lol. This post really helps because I have also noticed that my faith is a big factor as to why I still tackle the day. Thanks for this post, love your writing 🙂

    Nikki O

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  2. I totally understand how you feel with lacking in blogging motivation, sometimes I will write a post every day for a week and other times I can’t even be bothered to schedule tweets for the next day! I think it is just natural things to ebb and flow like that! your sunset photos are beautiful and I’m so glad you’re finding comradeship in the blogging community, it’s a lovely place!

    Abbey 🌺


    1. Aww it’s nice to know that other people have the same trouble with blogging. I love blogging but sometimes I can’t find the motivation . Yeah I am stoked with the blogging community, they are so lovely!


    1. Aww thank you, I just felt the need to pull out my camera and capture the beauty, which is something I need to do more often. Wow twelve hour days, you’re a hard worker! . That’s so awesome that you got to spend time with your friends, that’s worth so much!


  3. Aah this is such a lovely post, I think everybody has been effected by the tragically heartbreaking events that happened in Manchester. It’s so beautiful that you’ve been able to find comfort in your faith in God & it’s nice to hear that your in a good place moving forward.

    Ellie Xx |

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  4. Finding motivation isn’t always easy, I find that sometimes it’s good to take a break and step back and then when the break is over, you feel refreshed & with more energy! Xx


  5. Olivia, I’m a newbie blogger (launched May 1) and I, too, have been welcomed by the blogging community. It feels so wonderful, doesn’t it? You’d think that the girls are mean and clique-ish but they are truly lovely and empowering!


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