Hello and welcome to my blog, on your journey of my blog I hope you leave with a better understanding of life, makeup, fashion and many more things. I am so honored that you have stopped by. Feel free to leave a comment on my posts and enjoy your time here, thank you. I’ll let you know about how I came to starting a blog. 

It was a cold and stormy night.. no im just kidding, the story of how I started my blog isn’t very interesting and I didn’t have a life changing encounter in order to create this blog. I have wanted to start a blog for years and I have been putting it off because I thought that I didn’t have an ‘exciting’ life. Clearly that was the wrong way of thinking as I don’t need to have an exciting life. I am twenty years old, I got married last year, I’m a worry wart and I have a quirky personality. 

Bring your quirky personalities along and let’s be friends. Comment on my posts your blog names and I shall check yours out.