March Purchases

Hello everyone! hope you’re having a lovely week. Sorry I’ve become a little slack on posting. I’ve been planning to publish this post but I wasn’t sure when would be the right time as I’m very new to this blogging thing. I have purchased a few things this month and I have mixed reviews on each products I have purchased. Stick around to find out more. 

Batiste dry shampoo 400ml –I was shopping at a local shop called Uncle Bills the other day and I came across this beauty . I have had this product many times in the past and I loved it but I’ve never seen it in this size so I was very excited. Honest opinion of this is that it’s a good product and it does what it’s suppose to do but I don’t quite understand the massive hype around it. It may depend on the type of hair you have so I would recommend you to try it because it certainly does it’s job and it may work for you. You can buy it here

L.A colours high shine lip gloss  –  I bought this lip gloss on my journey around our local shop called Uncle Bills the other day and I must say that as each day passes, I regret it. The label has peeled off quickly which shows that it isn’t great quality and it doesn’t apply the best on my lips. It’s very easily to mess up the application of it and it’s not true to its colour. It might be different for you so if you want to buy it you can get it from here. This is the Colour Mingle by the way.

L.A colors matte lipstick
 – I bought this lipstick at the same time as buying the lipstick. I am quite impressed with this lipstick as for a lipstick that’s $3 it’s very pigmented and creamy. I’m not sure if I’d call it matte however. The colour payment is great and I recommend this lipstick for a pop of colour. It’s a purple-pink shade. This lipstick is in the colour mad love and you can purchase it here:

Watch from Kmart – There isn’t much to say about this but I wanted a new watch in this style and I wasn’t ready to pay for an upmarket and expensive watch just yet so I bought this watch from our local Kmart for $15 and I’m stoked with it. It won’t last as long as a proper watch but I’m very happy with it for now. 

I had ordered some sunglasses this month but they haven’t arrived yet. You will most likely see them on my Instagram when they do. I hope you enjoyed this post. Follow and continue to read my blog 😊 have a great one! 

What lives on my phone. 

I got this idea from and I am so glad that I have seen this idea for a blog post. You guys probably don’t know this but these are my favorite kind of videos to watch on YouTube, I’m always looking these up for inspiration. Confession: all up I have forty four apps on my phone, insane I know but I love apps. I hope that this becomes a big blogging topic. My phone is a 32GB Silver model and it is my life, I used to have many Samsung model phones but I wasn’t too fond of them so I changed to apple and never went back. Let me know below your favorite apps and whether you like knowing these little tidbits about my life. WARNING: this is going to be a long post.

First let’s begin with my lock screen, this is one of my favorite photos from my wedding day. I have to admit, I am constantly changing my lock screen because I love changing things up. I used to have many wallpaper apps on my phone but nowadays I just use my own photos and make my own wallpapers.

This is the page that is very much the same on every ones iPhones, it’s considered the boring page and I can agree with some of them like health and home for me (it’s different for everyone). The most useful apps to me on this page are camera, notes, calendar and voice memo.

This is where the fun begins and you will see how much I really do like apps. As you can see I like to organise my apps into folders (the ones that aren’t in them are new apps). I have an iPad now so I have deleted many apps and have ended up reinstalling them because I liked them on a smaller screen. Below I will list the apps on the page and will tell you a little something about them.  Continue reading “What lives on my phone. “

Comparing yourself to others

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Comparison is something that is so common these days, in particular in females and it’s something that we’ve got to do our best to get a handle on. From a young age we are all bombarded with Television shows, movies and magazines that get us comparing ourselves to others from a young age. Continue reading “Comparing yourself to others”

Dealing with anxiety 

Anxiety is something that is sadly becoming more and more common, everyone has it in different ways. I’m fortunate to have a very low form of it but it can show up pretty bad in certain situations like big crowds or trying the please everyone. Below I have listed down some practical things I do to calm myself down. Let me know in the comments what you do to help with your anxiety.

I love to light a candle when I want to feel calm, this Aviva candle here is my favourite and my Husband bought it for me for Christmas, so ten points to him. I’ll list a link below on where you can purchase it to calm yourself down. The scent of this candle is rather sweet and it helps that it looks appealing as well. We have a shop here in New Zealand called The Warehouse but you can purchase it on eBay. Continue reading “Dealing with anxiety “

My top 5 lip products. 

If there is anything I love the most to experiment with is a lippy color, I tend to go for a brighter colour as a lighter one tends to make my face look washed out. I’m going to list below my favourite lippys that I tend to turn to them most. You may see a very common trend of red and that’s because I’m yet to rock a nude or a darker color. I wear these colours all year round and they are in no particular order.  Comment below what your favourite lip products are.

Continue reading “My top 5 lip products. “

My favourite eye shadow palettes 

The urban decay naked palettes are my absolute favorite. Naked 3 in particular is one that I tend to go to a lot because of its beautiful shades of pink. I’m loving pink shades on the eyes at the moment and this palette creates some very beautiful looks. The eye shadows are so pigmented and they glide on so beautifully. As you can probably see, the shades I use the most are dust and trick. This palette is on the pricey side but I believe it is worth every penny. Continue reading “My favourite eye shadow palettes “